Beckett and Robb


Suite 480

Beckett & Robb is a maker and merchant of fine clothing for men. We specialize in building custom suits, shirts, and topcoats. We also have a range of ready to wear and other accessories for men.  We are passionate about men's style and want to help men everywhere find their own unique style.  We believe in building world class clothing for men, using only the finest materials, and offering them at aggressive prices. All of our products are made in Europe, using cloth from renowned British and Italian mills. We are perfectionists and strive to deliver incredible products and amazing experience to each of our clients. 


At B&R we are underwhelmed by the menswear available in the market place. Most stores sell ill-fitting and terribly unflattering suits and shirts. Even the supposed "modern fit" of most brands is still boxy and billowy. We provide an alternative to this. You can customize all of the details of your shirts and suits, and you can also have any fit you want. From classic to ultra-slim. We'll do an extensive fitting with you and make sure that your one-of-a-kind items are exactly the right thing for your body and style.  European custom at department store prices.  Come experience what everyone is talking about.

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